Our story

While most children spent their weekends with their family doing things and going places, we spent our weekends in the printing press role playing like we owned it while creating wedding cards. The experiential life in the press as a wide-eyed-child was nothing short of fascinating, exciting and colourful. We took delight in the humming of the printing machines both loud and rhythmic, the confidence garnered when feeding large sheets of paper through a cutting machine with huge blades and yes, the enormous pride when the sheets produced the coloured results we were looking for. It's not the typical childhood for sure but it is ours and we really do cherish them all. We have been at it since the business started in 1987 and we are happy to say that the trills have not depleted since.

Our idea

Fast forward and 20 years on, championing what was started before we were even born; our new concept is different, refreshing yet simple. We desire that you go away with an extraordinary print experience with us. It’s not just about meeting your printing needs. It is more about getting to know you and your desires, and complimenting it with our intimate love and knowledge of print to produce quality work that stands out with added competitive value.

Our vision and mission

In this age where most businesses are migrating online, how do we ensure your printing necessities are met? It’s really straightforward as our vision to simplify the printing process for the rakyat (people) is made possible through a stunning web-toprint software. This ensures that our clients need not spend too much time processing the nitty-gritty on this end for we will manage the print demands one needs achieved. We are confident of this as we value people - our team behind the scenes; who work with integrity and meticulously to impress our clients with the final prints. This ensures everyone is happy including the families we go home to daily.